UBI – Driver Evaluation on the highest level

  • Reduced accidents rate due to the iTuran system active features as well as due to the Ituran Motivation System (IMS)
  • Reduced number of claims as well as decreased claims value
  • Reduced risk level on the whole portfolio of customers
  • Attracting more safety oriented customers and fleets for longer periods – increased customers retention
  • Increased customers loyalty due to more active approach as well as bigger brand exposure
  • Contact with customers almost daily through the online and phone applications and Ituran Motivation System
  • Increased effectiveness of road assistance services due to iTuran’s accident detection feature (eCall)
  • The possibility to modify algorithms by the insurance company to be more adjusted to local requirements and culture
  • Periodic reporting for the for the insurance company as well as full access to most critical safety information

Automatic accident detection – eCall

ITURAN UBI (Usage Based Insurance)

Long years of experience as well as verified on large scale algorithms are the critical base for analysis. Ituran has way over 1,3 million customers and tens of thousands customers who use its UBI tools.

Why Ituran?

Ituran is one of the biggest telematics company in the world – over 1,3 million users – and the fact that it is a NASDAQ company makes it very trustworthy and stable partner for any insurance company. Additionally Ituran is one of not many companies globally which have confirmed implementation of UBI system on a large scale – AIG Safe Drive program in Israel.


Thanks to its large customers base and huge amount of information on driving styles and habits Ituran was able to build algorithms which are extremely sophisticated and effective when it comes to drivers behavior analysis and scoring.

Wide variety of solutions

iTuran offers full, end to end, solutions for every insurance company which is willing to build its own UBI program.
  • The most user friendly system interface and reports
    • System in online cloud allows to access it from any place in the world, from any computer, at any time…And all of it without the need to export anything to Excel and to do sophisticated analysis
  • The only system fully active to the drivers
    • After every wrong or dangerous maneuver system informs drivers with sound about mistakes made and helps them to improve
  • Full integration with ADAS systems such as Mobileye
  • Unique motivation and gamification system – Ituran Motivation System (IMS)
    • Thanks to well built and fair gamification system employees are fully motivated to improve their driving style and become better drivers.
  • Phone application for end users
Reports online

Mobile phone application