Ituran Motivation System

As a world leader in improving road safety Ituran as well as Ituran Europe, a distributor of Ituran products in CEE region, do everything possible to increase effectiveness of its products. Drivers self evaluation and awareness of wrong driving habits is the first step to start improvement process. Ituran system is fully active for drivers by issuing sound signals each time driver makes a mistake or causes a dangerous situation. On top of that we have created a gamification system which makes drivers more engaged in driving safety improvement and to be motivated to become better skilled drivers. We also believe that our Ituran Motivation System (IMS) can become a very useful tool for all companies which have implemented advanced CSR systems. We encourage CSR departments to use IMS for engaging drivers in the CSR process by i.e. building a program where drivers for each safely driven kilometer will collect points which later will be changed into certain amount of money that they can donate to one of the charity organizations of their choice (charity organizations can become a choice in our online marketplace).

Motivation is the key.

Proper motivation of drivers to be a part of safe organization is the first step from which every organization should start its road safety programs. Without properly aware and motivated drivers there will be no results. This is why Ituran offers all tools needed to make this first step easy.

Awards and CSR

We do know what problems companies face during the telematics implementation process. But it really does not have to be that difficult. The most important is to inform employees that telematics is not only monitoring, that monitoring is the smallest part of all in telematics! We believe that good telematics system, such as Ituran, can become a partner for every driver and every fleet manager. It will work with all to make them come home safely and will help organizations to become more effective and profitable. We believe that reduction of costs and increasing of profits is the ultimate of all companies, not the control itself. Ituran helps to reach the ultimate goals!
  • IMS allows drivers to collect points for safe driving. Later, the points can be exchanged into awards which every company can finance from savings we bring to every fleet. It is a WIN WIN situation for all!
  • If you want to make things different and you are an organization which really cares about social responsibility we strongly encourage you to use our IMS and implement it as part of your CSR program. Every safely driven kilometer means life – less road accidents and road fatalities. On top of that by using our IMS in your CSR program you can engage all your employees in your CSR activities. Just change the personal awards into charity donations where every driver, by driving safely, will generate budget to help others.
  • And remember, thanks to IMS the negative feelings for telematics can be reduced to minimum. JUST USE IT!