• Positive influence on driving style – ITURAN SAFETY is a tool, which decreases the number of accidents and brings huge savings, especially when it comes to lost profits which are the result of every collision and employees absence at work.
  • ITURAN SAFETY can be used also as gamification tool based on driving safety and fuel consumption.
  • Improved driving style brings fuel consumption reduction even by 30%!
  • Easy and simple to the system using your web browser, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Automatic accident detection

ITURAN SAFETY – Road Safety Under Control

ITURAN SAFETY this is the key element of Ituran system. It is advanced, 3D, accelerometer which measures in real-time all kind of dangerous driving events.

How does it work?

The system monitors driver behavior in real time, identifies driving habits and maneuvers which are dangerous or risky and helps to improve driving safety in long time. What is the most important is the fact that ITURAN SAFETY is an active system and by issuing sound signals it informs the driver about the mistakes he makes.

Almost all kind of maneuvers are detected

ITURAN SAFETY identifies almost 100 types of maneuvers such as: dangerous breaking, accelerations, dangerous turns, dangerous lane changing, driving on bad roads and many more.

Accident detection – eCall

ITURAN SAFETY automatically detects accidents and collisions (system eCall) and alerts responsible people (i.e. fleet manager, Health&Safety Officer) or rescue teams. All accident data are recorded in milliseconds frequency 75 seconds before an accident and 25 seconds after. As a result it is possible to find out why an accident happened.
75 s

before an accident

25 s

after an accident

  • The system is active for the drivers
    • Informs drivers, in real-time, about all dangerous or risky maneuvers with sound.
  • Algorithms built based on long years of cooperation with insurance company.
    • Algorithms were built based on statistical probe reaching almost 100 000 drivers (AIG Safe Drive Program)
  • Automatic accident detection (eCall) in one package.
  • The best in the world integration with ADAS systems such as Mobileye – this is safety on the highest level!