Nowadays VIDEO monitoring in fleets is very popular. More and more fleets, especially truck fleets, are looking for better solutions to protect vehicles and cargo. Insurance companies, which wanted to eliminate many insurance frauds, began to the installation of telematics systems such as VIDEO cameras on the vehicle.

Video-Telematyka SurfSight (Lytx) – affordable, approachable technology that will help your clients jumpstart fleet safety and protect their bottom lines.
      • Real-time video transmission and recording on SD card or on an external hard drive (access to the movie on demand via the SurfSight application)
      • Simple installation
      • Up to 6 external cameras which can be connected by cable or WiFi (already available in Q3 2021)
      • Built-in GPS
      • Detection of dangerous driving style
      • Driver fatigue detection
      • WiFi router
      • Mobile App & online WWW
  Video-Telematics SerVision – is a very professional and effeective video monitoring system for fleets
    • Real-time video transmission and image recording on hard drives of various sizes, even up to 2TB
    • Up to 10 outdoor cameras
    • Built-in GPS and WiFi
    • Very resistant to external conditions hardware
    • Integration with ADAS by MOVON
    • Possibility to connect speaker & microphone
    • Detecting driver fatigue thanks to the integration of the MOVON DAS system
    • Professional online tools for monitoring fleet